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Dinko Kortzanov

World Traveller
who grew up to be a

Managing Director

Instead of navigating around the globe with treasure maps, Dinko skillfully navigates business using customer journey maps and keeps the desired destination of McCann Helsinki sailing smoothly on course.
+358 40 579 0690

Jukka Ihalainen

who grew up to be a

Digital Operations Director

It truly is history in the making when Jukka helps our clients navigate through data-driven marketing and makes sure their needs are always taken care of with finesse.
+358 40 860 2039

Antti Iiskola

Rock Star
who grew up to be a

Data Driven Creative Director

For Antti, it’s equally exciting to orchestrate a winning insight, profitable strategy, or successful creative campaign as it was to rock the block when he was five.
+358 40 848 3830

Anni Hintikka

TV Lawyer
who grew up to be an

Account Manager

Determined attitude and attention to detail help Anni excel in multiple projects simultaneously, so well it almost feels illegal not to have a smile on your face.

Pinja Helin

Ice Cream Taster
who grew up to be an

Account Manager

One needs to have a sense of flavour to master multiple marketing projects and tight deadlines. Luckily Pinja’s recipes are liked by our clients, rain or shine.
+358 404804456

Antti Heimo

who grew up to be a

Senior Creative Copywriter

While still occasionally trying to transform from a robot to a car, Antti is mainly focused on transforming strategies into kickass creative concepts.

Harri Lappalainen

Easy Rider
who grew up to be a

Senior Creative Art Director

With his visual and conceptual big rig Harri delivers all kinds of creative packages a client could wish for. Mile after mile, always quality, always on time.

Sara Nevalainen

who grew up to be a

CRM Campaign Coordinator

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when Nordic CRM campaigns with different market rules and tight schedules come for you? You call Sara.

Kenneth Treuthardt

F1 Driver
who grew up to be a

CRM Development Manager

With years of expertise in customer lifecycle management and data-driven marketing, Kenneth is always ready to hit the pedal, just like an F1 driver would.