Meet the Team: Dinko Kortzanov, Managing Director

Written by McCann Helsinki
February 11, 2021

Meet Dinko – A Dad, a Football enthusiast and a Managing Director 

What’s your role at McCann?

My official role is managing director – but honestly, my role is to make sure our employees are equipped with the knowledge, the tools, and the calmness to help our clients with their unique expertise.

I also make some great daddy jokes from time to time. I became a father 3 months ago.  Becoming a dad makes you biologically good in dad jokes. Scientifically proven!

Cool! How is it going?

Both are going nicely, thanks. The little one is keeping me busy with her diapers and luckily my amazing team has made my role easier, as they’re helping our clients grow without needing extra contribution from me.

I strongly believe that’s what our clients need from our team, to help them grow. That is why anyone orders a service, whether it’s a dental service, postal service, haircut service, or marketing service – they have a need and want help to solve it. And in McCann Helsinki, we have the top professionals that can solve marketing needs, and help our clients grow their business.

Who would benefit the most from a data-driven marketing model, and what is it?

Any company can benefit from a DDMM. The actual model doesn’t differ that much between industries – externally, you want your team to understand as much about your clients as possible, to offer the best possible solutions to them in the best possible time – thus reducing “marketing waste”. That is, reducing paying for marketing messages that won’t activate people. Internally, you want to use the data to improve and optimize your ways of working – optimize the time spent on emails, in meetings, and on useless cold calls.

For example, a fresh smoothie company could implement a hyper-targeted data-driven campaign model, which would automate the most suitable content (detox smoothie, protein smoothie, weight-loss smoothie, or an alcohol mixer smoothie) and personalize it based on target groups’ needs (user with a hangover, gym user, fashion model, or a weekend partier) for that product, based on the KPI’s you want to achieve (growing sales for that product, building top of mind for that product or up/cross-selling more products). The data would be used to collect insights on which content works best for which user group, and then you could use the insights to automatically target the right people with marketing.

How do you see the year 2021?

” You’re on mute – I can see you, can you see me” v2.0 – Jokes aside, I see life normalizing during the Summer – Autumn at the latest.  So yes, we will be seeing each other, hugging, kissing, and going to pubs again, but the business will adapt to what we digital people already think is the norm.

Any greetings to up-and-coming creatives?

You might hear that you’re a dying breed and that EVERYTHING is “datafying”… but don’t listen to that… or everything IS datafying, but you’re not a dying breed… instead, understand how you need to elevate your skills so that they touch people even more with your creativity – and create your stories to really and individually earn a meaningful role in people’s lives.

What’s the most recent change about you?

I became a father and realized that I can’t watch all of Barca’s 10 pm games (or Champions League).

What would you recommend to other people?

Listen to “Sun is Shining” by Bob Marley, while having a beer on the beach.

What do you like about your job?

A cliché, yes, but it’s the people. Seeing our team, and the ones we work with, believe in our vision, that they aren’t scared to follow it. Even out of their comfort zone or challenging the industry status quo. And most importantly, they’re comfortable with helping me develop my understanding of business, marketing, and life in general. Life is about learning, and it’s amazing when there’s someone who helps you learn.

Last question – what do you think is the most interesting thing happening in MarComms right now?

Corona. Everyone hates it – but honestly, it did the MarComms world a big favor. It will set a new standard in the industry – which will be hated by some, but be revolutionary for others.

Thank you Dinko, and have a great day!

Thank you and you, too!

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